Friday, March 2, 2012

Snow Day Slow Down

When it comes to snow days, I'm as excitable as a child.  Any forecast or possibility of deep snow sends me running to put a spoon in the freezer and to flip my pajamas inside out...snow day possibilities need all the help they can get.  Growing up in Wisconsin didn't afford me many snow days when I was a student and doesn't provide me with many now that I am a teacher.  So snow days are definitely something to be savored and celebrated.  

On potential snow days, the excitement wakes me up much earlier than I would have awakened on a regular school day.  I watch in anticipation, fingers crossed as the schools closings scroll across the bottom of the screen.  Once I know that school is cancelled, I settle back to relish in my excitement and sleep in on the unexpected day off.  Sleep usually escapes me these days and I spend the early morning hours watching the snow coverage and catching up on blog reading.  Snow days are a forced break, a necessary and unexpected slow down.  

This winter we have had very little snow.  I have just reached the point in winter where I am ready to let it go until next year.  I've worked through my snow day envy and am anxiously awaiting warmer temperatures, spring days, and bright sunshine.  Of course, our one (and most likely only) snow storm of the year decides to show up today.  On a Friday at 3:00.  No chance of a snow day, just piles of wet, slushy, heavy snow.  Flip flops are feeling very far away today.

Tomorrow I won't have to wake up early to check the news.  I don't have the same anxious anticipation tonight.  I do know that it will be a beautiful site to wake up to.  The tree branches are already coated in thick white snow.  Tomorrow will still be a chance to slow down and regroup.  


  1. Going to school and now teaching in Southern California doesn't provide me with any snow day possibilities! So your description of what is like to "savor and celebrate" snow days helped me to think about what that is like. Ahhhh.... Sounds nice.

  2. Loving this mild Midwest winter (hello from MN)! I loved your second paragraph. The excitement, the relishing, and then soaking it in. I could feel that.