Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ghosts in the Basement

What do you do when you fear that the basement of your school is haunted by ghosts?

You gather your friends and your ghost hunting tools, sneak into the basement during lunch recess and hunt the ghosts.  All to keep your school safe.  

A noble theory. 

A handful of elementary school boys secretly patrolling our basement with their homemade tools (i.e. handfuls of plastic knives embezzled from the cafeteria) during recess were discovered today.  While their intentions were harmless, (unless you're a ghost!) sneaking around and "weapons" are not allowed at school.  Luckily their teacher is a genius at making expectations clear, while validating the kids' feelings and thinking.  Looks like an opportunity for inquiry around non-violent ghost hunting!


  1. Awesome strategy - I'd love to hear how they came up with the idea! Glad to hear they didn't all fall victim to a zero tolerance policy!

  2. This sounds like the beginning of a wonderful writing opportunity for the boys.

  3. I could see a bunch of hunched over little boys with their white plastic knives looking over their shoulders. Great little visual piece.

  4. Oh the adventure in a school basement. I wonder if they've recently watched Ghostbusters.

  5. Ha! There's never a dull moment, is there? Thanks for writing today.